May 19, 2018 0

Team Size: 20
Engine: Unity
Development Time: 8 months
Key Features: AI and Gameplay Systems

The game was developed by a group of twenty students for a video game development club at Arizona State University. We called ourselves 25% Games. This was the trailer advertising our playtesting/demo event at Arizona State University. We had a turnout of about sixty students who had a blast playing our game and filling out a post-play feedback survey for further improvement.

Chromaslice is an online deathmatch arena where two players control each side of a line of lasers, trying to slice the other team with a similar configuration. With over five different arenas and three modes like King of the Hill and Soccer, players won by being the first to five kills. The game supports LAN multiplayer.

In the club, I acted as the programming lead/technical director where I:

  • Organized programming tasks using Trello
  • Managed the version controlling through GitHub and Unity Collaborate
  • Configured the programming team to be properly version-controlled
  • Underwent weekly code reviews and accepted/rejected pull requests
  • Directed team by estimating effort of tasks and allocating accordingly

In terms of the project, I particularly worked on the state machines responsible for a computer AI as well as the front-end interface of the game. Additionally, using inheritance and event-driven programming, I created a template class of a “Game Mode”, which was later derived to create the “Deathmatch” and “King of the Hill” classes.

I also pair-programmed and supervised the player controller, which posed to be a challenge getting the laser to detect collisions dynamically and move smoothly. In the end, the game ran smoothly albeit with some latency and seldom disconnections.