System Dot

October 9, 2016 0

Team Size: 1
Engine: Unity
Key Features: Parser and XML

An educational computer science game designed for high school students. The player solves computational puzzles by exploring a “hackable” world where objects can have their behavior observed and modified through their internal source code. Programming topics range from basic syntax to conditional statements and loops. The source code observed is a custom programming language built by me.

I primarily built the recursive-descent parser, which is the foundation for the player’s interaction with every enemy’s “terminal window”. With the Parser script, the player can type any Java-like piece of code ranging from System commands (like System.body(Color.BLUE) to turn an enemy to a blue color) to while and for-loops. Any combination of input by the player will be recognized and translated into the game world to solve puzzles. To read more into the development of this recursive descent parser, click here.

I also used XML to build easily modifiable dialogue trees with an event-driven programming flow. With the IntelliSense script, designers or programmers can simply follow a basic XML template and the script will parse the file and initiate dialogue in the game with new events. To read more into the development of this dialogue tree structure, click here.